Saturday, March 19, 2011

365 - Week 11

365 days = 365 photos


Saturday - We went to visit Lari girl. She was ready for her close-up!

Sunday - Lots of shedding = pup bath!

Monday - Fresh ground coffee has become the norm around red door. I have become such a coffee snob that I am more picky about flavor than ever. We tried a new expresso roast this week that is rather inexpensive and quite tasty.

Tuesday - Small group was really small this week so there were plenty of Sarah's soft pretzels to bring home. They are super yummy. I have the recipe but I haven't had the courage to make them yet.

Wednesday - Thirty-one was having a photo contest to launch their kids line. Nobody said the kids had to be of the human variety.

Thursday - I know someone who is happy! Hopefully pup struts will become a daily occurrence soon.

Friday - Bevo loves his visitors! Hopefully "the girl" will visit again soon.


Mike, Stef, Nicholas & Victoria said...

You didn't post Bevo's picture in my contest!!!!!!

Melissa said...

I look like a light weight loser haha!! =]