Saturday, February 5, 2011

365 - Week 5

365 days = 365 photos

Saturday - Happy Birthday Beverly!! We were invited to a surprise 75th birthday party. The car ride down was a little tough but once we got there it was worth it.

Sunday - I had gotten behind on my coupon clipping. It took me almost two hours to go through all the fliers and clip what we needed.

Monday - All of that coupon clipping on Sunday saved us a bundle at the store!

Tuesday - Thank goodness all of our trees are small. Next time I complain about not having any shade I will think about all the damage trees and ice can cause.

Wednesday - I was super happy to get to spend another day at home with this furry kid. Bevo loves spending quality time on the sofa.

Thursday - This bear has become one of the pup's favorite toys lately. We got it for him at Christmas and it literally spent the last month untouched on the floor. For some reason he finally realized that it had a plastic bottle inside that was fun to crunch. Now we almost can't get it away from him.

Friday - Dear trash man, Please be more gentle with our trash can. Cold plastic breaks easily when thrown on the ground. Thank you.

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