Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Bikers ride up and down our street all day but they don't usually stop across the street and start taking pictures with their cell phones.

It seems these people wanted a picture of this:

We watched them use their cell phones to take a couple of pictures. Once I realized what they were up to of course I had to take pictures of them taking pictures of our house like a goof ball. I was ready to go ask them if they wanted me to take a picture and e-mail it to them when they got back on their bike and left.

We weren't sure if we should think it was strange that they wanted a picture of our porch or to be happy that they liked our house enough to take a picture???

I think these are the first pictures I have posted that I used my kit lens for. I suppose it's not too bad.


Melissa said...

uh oh... me is sorry =/
If Mimster could buy you a new one I would =0 And I can only imagine how you are unable to function without it...
Me is sorry again =[

Melissa said...

That Arieann and Kristin are Lesbians together, and we know who started it [someson trying to cover theirself up].. I will have to tell you like in person or over the phone.. its kinda bad.. well not too bad, but you know.. isn't that nice 2nd full week of school.. haha gotta love highschool