Sunday, September 14, 2008

Football Night

Since I wanted to do something fun Richie and I decided to have a Browns party for the Browns - Steelers game.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that it turns out better than the Buckeyes game last night.

I made "dawg bites" as a snack ...

and Richie made some homemade Chex mix.

At least we have good food even if it's not a good game.


Melissa said...

thats sooooo fun =] I thought that John Mayer trying to say something was actually pretty funny.... yeah I was hoping that maybe I would get lucky and the school would blow over and we could all stay home tomorrow and sleep in.. even though I already get to sleep in.. I don't feel like going.. the weekend is just too short... I was watching the Browns game but then I stopped because I forgot how much I hate prefessional football... I have also decided that after the Ohio State game last night I am no longer a fan of theirs, I am now a Clemson fan haha! Just kidding =p

Stephanie said...

You had a Browns/Steelers Party?!?!?!? We were without power. Lucky!!!