Monday, July 14, 2008

More from the party

Some more random photos from last Friday's party.

Bryce is lookin' hot in those "ralphs" Ha!

The party animal pooped out before dinner even started.

Sweet Miss A. I can't believe how blue her eyes are!


Melissa said...

I really taught him how to rock the "Ralphs" =]
Looked like F-U-N!!
P.S I am supposed to tell you Al wants to meet Bevo lol =]

Melissa said...

haha yeah I know it is called brunch... but, I called it breakfast because it was my first meal of the day haha... I have to be in the right mood for peanut butter =]

Mimster thinks that you should come play guitar hero Tuesday, or Wednesday afternoon, or Thursday since she is going on vacation Friday morning =[

Melissa said...

I've never seen that movie =o
I only like so many of the ones that we have, but so does Al. So that sucks big time!