Thursday, February 7, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 5

 Tuesday: A warm afternoon = taking this boy for his first strut of the year. The Girly had fun riding in her stroller too.

 Wednesday: I've been loving this dry erase calendar I made. I don't know what I like more. Keeping track of what we have going on or being able to look back at the month and see all the stuff we did.

 Thursday: Someone is starting to feed themselves... but only on bath night because it's exceptionally messy! Her favorites are puffs, o's and gerber cookies.

 Friday: We haven't had a diaper blow-out like this in months. Changing it took both of us and she ended up with an impromptu bath in the kitchen sink.

 Saturday: We went to see Jacob's team play in their tournament. He had 8 points an they won the game. They play again next week. Hopefully we will spend next Saturday watching them in the championship game.

Sunday: Super Bowl Party at Miss Carol's! She had fun playing with the Girly. We had fun eating all the good food.

Monday: Someone learned how to go up the stairs. We now get to keep a gate at the top and the bottom.

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