Sunday, December 11, 2011

365 - Week 46 and 47

365 days = 365 photos

Saturday - Let the decorating begin! We gave Bevo a treat so he wouldn't be in the middle of the action, apparently he was going to be there anyway.

Sunday - This is what we do.

Monday - This cup didn't even make it a year. Handy dropped it at work and it broke into two pieces. I think we need to stick with metal mugs.

Tuesday - You know your husband is low-maintenance when "beef jerky" is actually on his Christmas list.

Wednesday - The FedEx man couldn't find our house. When they called us we told them the same thing we tell everyone "look for the red door."

Thursday - Grilled cheese on the new panini press! They were so yummy.

Friday - Chip dip sale + coupons = a whole shelf full of dip for the handy man. Now we need a whole shelf of potato chips.

Saturday - Christmas tree picking day. The weather was the warmest I can remember but it was super muddy.

Sunday - Bevo's tree is up and decorated. There's lots of Longhorn orange on that little tree.

Monday - The dining room table is looking festive with our new poinsettia. Let's see if this one lives until March like last years.

Tuesday - Handy picked up our "Connie - corn" early this year. It is so good! We each got our own bag. Can you guess which one is for the lady and which one is for the man?

Wednesday - Handy made some cookies after supper. I didn't even know he was making them until they were out of the oven... He's not a big cookie person so I was pretty surprised.

Thursday - I got a thank you note at work today. It's nice to know you are appreciated.

Friday - This is our new ornament for 2011. Our collection is getting bigger and bigger.

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