Saturday, May 7, 2011

365 - Week 18

365 days = 356 photos

Saturday - Women of Faith was super fun. I was excited to hear Angie Smith talk. She did a great job, but perhaps should have come with a warning that everyone would need tissues.

Sunday - Happy Easter Clearance! We made ourselves an Easter basket from the half-price candy.

Monday - This garden wall showed up while I was away last weekend. It's amazing what a huge difference something like this can make. The flower beds look awesome. Now on to the new bed in the yard!

Tuesday - Shrimp asparagus alfredo. Yum!

Wednesday - Do you ever wonder what we do behind closed doors??? This is it! Show up unannounced and you will find us on the couch reading/using the computer/ watching tv.

Thursday - Happy Birthday Bevo!

Friday - We are the people our parent's warned us about... Why take a normal picture when you can have a gem like this one... ha!

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