Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Congrats Hope!

Graduation parties are in full swing! Last Saturday we went to 2 different ones. I didn't take my camera in to the first one (I know what a surprise!) so I only have pictures from Hope's.

The dessert table looked fantastic! Of course I sampled all of the yummy treats. The little hats were too cute and super tasty. Anything made of Hershey bars and peanut butter cups sounds heavenly to me.

Hope was super excited about the cousins gift. I think at first she didn't realize what it was but once she saw Nikon on the box she figured it out.

Ava decided it was most appropriate to lounge at the table. She stuck her feet right up on the edge like it was a footstool or something.

Kendra stopped for a quick one with Hope.

The inflatables were a bit hit, even with the adults. This thing was way more dangerous than it looks. Especially when you were attached to your partner with a bungee cord. It ended up being quite a workout.

A couple more of some cute kids!

We had a blast. Two parties down, one to go!

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