Saturday, May 23, 2009

Soccer Saturday

We decided to go watch Anthony play soccer since we both had the day off. It sure was hot sitting in the sun but the kids were so cute. They call it soccer but it looked more liked a bunch of kids chasing a ball and Anthony falling on the ground.

A little pre-game warm up...

I tried my best to get some good pictures but the camera was having a hard time focusing because of all the movement. Some turned out alright though.

I think he looks just like the big high school boys in this one!

Final score: Blue 4 Green 2
Go Blue!

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Melissa said...

haha well I'm sorry... I gotta work around a computer that works every other day.. I can't wait to get my own for school.

I can't wait for summer either... and yes I agree it's going to be a lot of fun =]